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Our experience covers virtually all areas of engineering and forging work, including renovation and repair  of engines, welding work, hydraulic, solutions, etc. Additionaly, we at SN-MARINE specilize in manufacturing of rolling shutters in particular stainless steel, some even with built-in heating to ensure the gate function during extreme cold and pressure.


Via the menu items You will find examples of solutions in the above areas.


But You are always welcome to conctact us with Your own project, even if it does not relate to anything You find on this site.


In any event, we are here to helt, and we welcome all who have something to tell og ask.


You find a solution here!

Rolling Shutters



In 1999, SN was given an assigment wihich in many ways would challenge existing solutions to large roller doors.


The assignment was to produce hangar doors, with a height of 7 meter and a width of 8,5 meters. Earlier the large door opening had been solved by making 2 doors, using a center pole.


Not only was this solution very expensive, but the functionality also had some disadvantages. No company in Denmark had previously been able to solve this problem.




Ht S.N. Marine, we have great experience with many kinds of hydraulic system and component solutions. Can You describe the job at hand, then we can help with design and sizing. We are known to come up with solutions where others have failed


Through a network of competent suppliers we will find the right components with the exact characteristics required.


On the following pages you will find examples of some of the hydraulic system solutions S.N. Marine has delivered including examples of a specially system handling emergency opening of very heavy Roller Shutter Doors.


In addition to this you will also see a unique system for an automatic turbine foundation grader, used in water depths of 40 meters - designed to world known company Per Aarsleff A/S.

Custom functions



SN-MARINE receives many requests for special solutions in various engineering fields.


It may be a shaft table for testing togaksler or a specially built grinding table with built-in safety and environmental measures.


Other major tasks include the construction and design of a front clutch tester for The Danish Railroad System.


SN-MARINE offers projects including 3D drawings (SolidWorks), strength calculations and CE marking.




Machines that are subject to the Machinery Directive must have a CE marking before the machine may be used.


The CE marking is the last attachment to the machine before it can be used or transferred to the customer / buyer.


When the machine has a CE mark attached, it is presumed that the machine complies with the rules given in example. Machinery Directive. Typically, the manufacturer or importer of the machine, which is responsible for the technical file and user manual is properly done ..


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