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Machines that are subject to the Machinery Directive must have a CE mark before the machine may be used.


The CE mark is the last attachment to the machine before it can be used or transferred to the customer / buyer.


When the machine has a CE mark attached, it is presumed that the machine complies with the rules given in the European Machinery Directive . Typically, it is the manufacturer or importer of the machine, which is responsible that the technical file and user manual is properly done.


The maching must also be accompanied by declaration of conformity with the directive. It shall contain the information described in the Machinery Directive Annex II Section 1.


  • Information to be included in a declaration of conformity :

  • The manufacturer's trade name, address or his representative

  • Description and identification of the machine.

  • Model name , type , serial number , etc.

  • The directives or notices that the machine is subject to: for example . Machinery Directive , pressure directive , ATEX, etc.

  • The standards that have been used during the project , for example . DS / ISO 12100 , DS / ISO 13849-1, DS / ISO / TR 14121-2 , etc.

  • If the machine is to be type tested in accordance with Annex IV , IX and X of the Machinery Directive.

  • Name, address and identification number of the notified body which carried out the type tests.

  • Place and date of declaration

  • Name / idendity and signature of the person responsible for the declaration.


Only after the declaration of conformity is made, the CE mark on the machine.


Learn more about the provisions of the Declaration of Conformity of the Machinery Directive Annex II Section 1A.


Read more about CE Marking of Safety Authority's website




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