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In 1999, SN was given an assigment wihich in many ways would challenge existing solutions to large roller doors. The assignment was to produce hangar doors, with a height of 7 meter and a width of 8,5 meters. Earlier the large door opening had been solved by making 2 doors, using a center pole.


Not only was this solution very expensive, but the functionality also had some disadvantages. No company in Denmark had previously been able to solve this problem.In co-operation with some engineers, S.N. developed a very stong portlamel in stainless steel.


The design offered many challenges, but after several tests, the project finally succeded in 2001, and we were able to manufacture a door with the desired dimensions without using a center pole.The design subsequently proved to be sustainable, so up till today, we have produced more than 40 of these speicial roller doors.


The gates are used in extreme weather conditions and one of the requirements was that the doors should function in extreme cold weather and at the same time should withstand strong wind. In addition, the materials should be acid resistant.


The requirements to the functionality under extreme cold weather conditions has proven itself over the years. In addition there were also demans for specific opening times and emergency operations, which were solved with solutions not previously seen in conjunction with roller door structures.


All components are produced as "heavy duty" equipment. Thus, gear motors are specially oversized and all fittings are made with the necessary safety margins in heavy duty models.


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